Robust Realtime Motion-Split-And-Merge for Motion Segmentation

GCPR 2013

Ralf Dragon, Jörn Ostermann, and Luc Van Gool


In this paper, we analyze and modify the Motion-Split-and-Merge (MSAM) algorithm for the motion segmentation of correspondences between two frames. Our goal is to make the algorithm suitable for practical use which means realtime processing speed at very low error rates. We compare our (robust realtime) RMSAM with J-Linkage and Graph-Based Segmentation and show that it is superior to both. Applying RMSAM in a multi-frame motion segmentation context in the Hopkins 155 benchmark, we show that compared to the original formulation, the runtime is reduced by 72%, and the error by 68% to only 0.65%. This is in the magnitude of the best results reported so far, but RMSAM additionally allows realtime segmentation, and it can handle outliers and unconstrained missing data.

Supplementary Videos


A Linux binary of our implementation is available for download. It allows the segmentation of arbitrary correspondences, varying all parameters, choosing different motion models and thresholds. Also, access to all internal parameters is possible. Just run the binary for a short description.

For convenience, we provide m-files for access withing matlab. Just addpath the rmsam directory and use it by calling

32 bit Linux avalable on request
64 bit Linux download

Airport Dataset

For scientific purposes, the dataset we used as well as our results for J-Linkage, Graph-Based Segmentation and our RMSAM are available for download.